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December, 2004

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Banks to Step Down || Scouts Build Foot Bridge || Equipment Donations
2005 Annual Meeting

Banks to Step Down
by Bob Carreau

Marybeth BanksLand Trust President Marybeth Banks has announced her intention to step down at the end of her current term. Prior to the next election (Annual Meeting February 10), the Board of Directors will screen several qualified candidates, and announce its choice, pending confirmation by the general membership.

During her tenure, Marybeth devoted countless hours meeting with public officials, and private individuals on behalf of the Trust and its goals. Marybeth’s dedication and devotion to the Trust, and Shelton’s natural environmental well being is, and has always been a top priority. Her achievements, and the Trust’s vigorous growth over the years admirably mirror that dedication and devotion.

Marybeth was first elected president on March 7, 1986. After assuming office, she made a number of key appointments to the Board of Directors, strengthening and solidifying the organization. She personally directed a number of very successful membership drives, and enlisted the support of many of Shelton’s Corporate and business neighbors. One of the highlights of her tenure occurred in 1991 with the acquisition of the 52-acre, “Nicholdale Farm” located off Rt. 110. “The thing that was especially gratifying,” states Marybeth, “is that the acquisition came about as a result of unprecedented cooperation with the City, Iroquois Gas, BHC(Former Water Company), Jones Tree Farm, and the Nichols family.” Under her stewardship the Trust has developed from a fledgling organization with total land holdings of approximately 41.75 acres, to its present size of over 366 acres in various parcels throughout the city of Shelton.

Marybeth hopes that the growth of the Trust will continue, along with the public’s interest in the environmental well being of Shelton. The Trust’s Board of Directors is pleased to note that Marybeth has agreed to continue working with the Board of Directors to further the Trust, its goals and objectives.

Scouts Build Foot Bridge        (top)
by Bob Carreau

The Land Trust, and residents that enjoy hiking Shelton’s wooded trails, are the recent beneficiaries of a new wooden foot-bridge built on a trail that meanders through one of the Trust’s White Hills parcels at the end of Tahmore Dr.

The new bridge (see photo) is the final result of an Eagle Scout project that was very successfully planned, organized, implemented, and successfully completed by Boy Scout Eric Keirstead. After carefully laying out the plans for the bridge, Eric approached the Stevenson Lumber Company and the Housatonic Lumber Company, persuading both to donate the materials needed for the project. Following the planning, and acquisition of materials, Eric secured volunteer help from members of his own Troop 55, as well as a handful of other volunteers interested in the project. Among the volunteers from Troop 55 were Andy Deptula, Ryan Hobson, Brian Shimer, Matthew Scinto, Geoff and Chris Toal, Danny Moody, Jeb Bruno, Matt Demanchyk, Jacob Keisman, and Adam Peck. Other volunteer helpers included, Megan Geraghty, Keith Sansone, and Tom Hope

Scout BridgeEric says, “After I began to work on the project, starting with the trail, it took about 18 hours to complete, over 4 separate days. I worked on the bridge for only a day, while I worked on the trail for only 3.”

Eric summed it all up saying, “ It was tough work to get everything together and organized, but in the end, it was so worth it, to see what you can accomplish.”

Members of the Trust couldn’t agree more, and are very much appreciative of a job well done by Eric, and all the members of his volunteer crew. We also thank the Stevenson and Housatonic Lumber Companies for their contribution.

Equipment Donation:        (top)
by Paul Uhrynowski

Big news in the equipment area! Randy Szkola from Hill Top Nursery has donated a used wood chipper to the Land Trust. The need for a chipper was brought to the attention of the Land Trust’s Board as a result of the on-going brush removal effort at Nichodale.

Wood ChipperAlthough considerable progress had been made in dragging brush to a burn pile for disposal, (yes we obtained all of the necessary burn permits and complied with town regulations), the work is very labor intensive, and there is a lot more of it to do.

A check with Preston’s garage determined that the Trust’s tractor would not be able to handle a chipper attachment. And, the cost of a self powered chipper would be too expensive. The only other options were to either rent a chipper, which runs about $250 a day, or have one donated to us. Well ask and ye shall receive – thanks to Randy!

The donated chipper needs a little work but we have already changed the plugs and fluids and have gotten it to run. The folks at Professional Tire helped with a donation of a couple of like-new used tires. It also appears that the blades need to be sharpened, and when done, we will be in business.

More good news in the equipment department: Many Trust members, and perhaps most Shelton residents, might not be aware that Stihl Tools’ Northeast Distributor is based here in Shelton. For those of you who don’t know about Stihl, they are a manufacturer of high end chain saws, weed wackers, and other forestry tools.

Using the old knock on the door and introduce ourselves routine, a couple of Trust representatives were successful in getting Stihl to donate about 18 pieces of brush removal equipment ranging from axes and hand saws to loppers and hand pruners. It is so nice to have our own set of tools for the invasive plant management project.

Mr. Richard Mohr of Stihl Northeast met with the Trust reps. at Nicholdale recently and showed him what we have been doing. He was impressed, and offered some suggestions. He indicated he will try to get some addidional tools, and possibly a chain saw. He also expressed the possibility of running a power tool safety training class on the property. We want to thank Stihl for their generous donation and look forward to working with them in the future.

New Tools from Stihl

Annual Meeting - Feb. 10, 2005

The Trust's annual membership meeting  will take place at 7:30 p.m. on Thursday February 10, 2005 at the Plumb Memorial Library.


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