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February, 2005

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Board Nominates Joe Welsh

The Board of Directors has nominated Joe Welsh to serve as President of the Shelton Land Conservation Trust in the coming year. An active member of the Trust and its Board, Joe has been at the forefront of many local conservation issues. He was instrumental in helping the Trust secure needed equipment such as the wood chipper, and various hand tools donated by the Stihl Company (See December Newsletter). He has also played a leadership role in the on-going "Invasive plants Battle" being waged on the Trust's Nichodale property.

Joe, who is employed by the Acquarion Water Company (Formerly BHC), was honored by the Company recently for his conservation work, and volunteerism within the community. He was presented with the Company's prestigious "Laurel" award, along with a $500 donation to a not-for-profit organization of his choice, which he promptly earmarked for the Trust. Acquarion, a steadfast business supporter of the Trust and its objectives, had previously made a similar $500 donation.

Other officer candidates to be voted upon at the up-coming Annual Meeting include: Phil ones,
Vice President; Ed McCreery, Vice President; Marge Estok, Treasurer; and Mary Jane Liddel, Secretary. Candidates for Board of Directors include: Marybeth Banks, Bob Carreau, Evelyn Healy, Soren Ibsen, Jackie Lauriat, Hank Lauriat, Bob Liddel, Bruce Nichols, Lise Olsen, Bob Stockmal, Randy Szkola, and Bob Wnek.

Annual Meeting February 10       (top)

The Annual Meeting of the Shelton Land Conservation Trust will be held on Thursday, February 10, 2005, at 7:30 p.m. in the Community room of the Plumb Memorial Library. All Trust members, as well as, members of the general public are cordially invited to attend. Members will elect a new slate of officers and board members for the coming year (See preceding article.)

Following the short "business" portion of the meeting, there will be a special presentation by Greg Waters on "Invasive Plants" issues in Connecticut. Greg is the Natural Resource Manager and Horticulturist from the Weir Farm in Wilton, CT. Greg can provide important insights and facts on the scope and status of the invasive plants problem in CT, and what is being done, and
can be done to battle the problem.

Board Member Bruce Nichols will then follow, with a brief talk about his recently-completed trek along the Camino Trail in Spain. Bruce is an experienced and veteran hiker, who previously has hiked the Appalachian Trail. Bruce is not only a hiker extraordinaire, but also an excellent raconteur that can weave his experiences and keen observations into a fascinating and informative narrative that puts you on the trail with him.

Membership Renewal        (top)

We need your continued support! Preservation of Shelton's natural land resources begins with you, and your continued membership in the Trust, and its activities. Enclosed with this newsletter is a membership renewal form. Please take a few minutes to promptly fill out and return. Remember, we're counting on you!

Keep Informed       (top)

If you would like to be better informed about Land Trust activities, why not check out the Trust's website at Also the Trust regularly sends out Email - alerts to selected members whenever important events or various Town meetings on issues that may impact the organization or its goals, arise. If you would like to be added to the Email Alert list, please send an email to

PO Box 2276 - Huntington Station
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