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Woodsend Avenue
Acquired in 1975 - 0.99 Acres

Deed Record - Volume 271 Page 1056 
Map #153 Lot 27

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Shelton Land Trust Property #4


All that certain piece or parcel of land, with the improvements and appurtenances thereon, situated in the City of Shelton, County of Fairfield and State of Connecticut, known and designated as Lot #31, on a map entitled “Record Subdivision Map, Driftwood Acres, Section 3, Owned and Developed by A & A Brothers, Shelton, Conn., Scale 1” = 100 ft., dated April 8, 1974, Revised June 12, 1974”. Said lot being described as follows:

NORTHEASTERLY: by land now or formerly of Beard, 199.12 feet;

NORTHERLY: by land now or formerly of Edward S. and Louise J. Hardwick, 
127.50 feet;

WESTERLY: by land now or formerlv of Vincent Zak, 23.34 feet;

NORTHWESTERLY: by land now or formerly of Vincent Zak, 79.55 feet;

SOUTHWESTERLY: by Lot #32 as shown on said map, 257.50 feet;

SOUTHEASTERLY: by Woodsend Avenue, 150 feet.

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